Crings Things Newsletter: Good cheer is the human superpower

I’ve been talking about the power of good cheer for forty years, through blogs, books, videos, cartoons and music. Once a week I’ll put out an effective weapon of good cheer for you to use during the most recent fracas.

In other words, let’s find a method to create a more pleasant world to live in. Most of us don’t realize how effective a cheerful response can be. I’m telling you—good cheer is a weapon.

Love to have you join us, because literally ANYONE can be successful through good cheer.

(Just ask Mr. Rogers. And a bunch of other people I’ll be talking about.)

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Jonathan Richard Cring

I performed all over the U. S. for 40 years and started blogging 11 years ago. I love humor and common sense, and I'm always trying to lose the same 50 pounds.